Social Report offers a full featured social media management platform. Social Report is the only social media tool you need.


Create a Project

Typically a project would represent a business, a customer, a marketing initiative, or perhaps a social ecosystem. Once you have a project you can connect all social profiles that belong to that project, add users that need to have access to it, run reports and schedule publications. Learn more about projects and profiles.

Tip! Use “Create Project” button.
It’s you
Your clients
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Create Project for each client or business

Connect social media profiles

Once the project is created it is time to add social media profiles to that project. Follow the “Connect Profiles” link located in several spots on the dashboard for added convenience. We support quite a few social networks. Connect as many social profiles as you need. It is best to group related social profiles by project. Note that if you have added users to the project - you can have them add all necessary social profiles. Learn more about projects and profiles

Please allow 24-48 hours for all analytical data to be captured

Add Team Member or Client users

If you are working in a team, give your team members access to projects that you create. Note that you have plenty of control which projects these users can access and what level of access they will have.

Tip! Use “Settings” tab and then “Users”.
  • Editor
  • Moderator
  • Client
  • Manager
  • New user

Schedule a post

Our publishing tools offer many features that will make your social presence blossom with content. You can publish to many profiles at once, design custom messages, syndicate RSS, schedule posts in advance, setup recurring post, geo target messages, etc. Our smart scheduler fundamentally changes the way social traffic and post performance works. It gives your best content new life and never runs out of things to say.

Quick Publication Tips

To schedule a post click on icon
Install our Browser Plugin

Setup a Search Agent

You can monitor buzz around any keywords and hashtags you like. Just create a new Search Agent, select options: keywords you want to track, social networks you would like us to search, strictness of search you would like us to apply. Watch this monitoring and listening tutorial video.

Check your Inbox and Automate

Social Report offers a simple way to automate important tasks across your social media profiles. How often have you left a comment on your facebook page unattended or not engaged with someone who mentioned your retweeted your status? By enabling automations the system will automatically do these tasks for you.

Tip #1: Watch this Smart Inbox tutorial video.

Tip #2: Watch this automations tutorial video.

Enable Notifications

We send a daily email for every project you have - daily summary of everything that happened the day before within your project. This is so much more convenient then logging in to every network or even Social Report every day. Just look over that email and take action if necessary. You can enable notifications by going to "My Account" and then "Notifications"

Quick Tip!
These are enabled by
default and should start
arriving within 48 hours
of your project setup.


Check Analytics and Schedule Reports

Build and schedule your custom report. We also offer a number of presentation ready reports that you can run immediately or schedule to run on a periodic basis.

Tip: View this reporting tutorial.


Export Data

You probably take regular backups of your files and emails. Do you backup your Social Data? With Social Report it is enabled right away for all accounts that you have added. All data that we download is available for you to export at any time. Just follow Export Data menu option.

Tip! To download your social data click on “Export Data” menu in the top navigation.

Watch our Platform Overview Video

We've put together several short training videos covering a wide range of topics. You can find all of our videos here.

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There is a lot of learn and take advantage of. Our team is here to help you every step of the way. We recommend that you schedule a training session with our support staff for you and your team to get up and running with Social Report quickly.

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