In case you are not aware, on Thursday, August 23rd at 2:45 pm PDT, Facebook and Instagram notified us that they paused our integrations on both platforms. This resulted in both an inability to schedule posts on the platforms and caused historical posts using our platform to seem to disappear.

After receiving an email that was marginally more specific letting us know that our Facebook Marketing Partner status was suspended, we are taking steps to try and address the perceived problem. The email shared that “Specifically, we have found Social Report to violate our Instagram Platform Policy, which states: “Don't sell, lease, or sublicense the Instagram Platform or any data derived through the Platform.” This includes access to our APIs.” While the statement is intentionally vague and we have not sold, leased, or sublicensed the platform or any data derived through the platform, there is obviously a reference to an API.

As a precautionary measure and to do whatever we can to encourage Facebook to return your content, we have disabled our API. The API was never sold or commercialized and is common practice in the social media management industry. It is provided as a convenience tool by all our competitors to allow you to manage accounts within the platform, at scale.

We understand what is at stake and remain committed to doing whatever we can to provide a solution that makes sense. We are working both on getting our status as a Facebook Marketing Partner reinstated, and to come up with a plan for what to do if that is not possible.

We know this is an incredibly helpless feeling. We will continue to keep you updated as we know more and sincerely apologize for this situation.


Steve Reardon