This is how to write a stellar Facebook bio for your brand

First impressions are everything on social media.

And we're not saying that, the research shows—it takes just three seconds for someone to determine if they like you or not, and first impressions are nearly impossible to change.

So when you're presenting your brand on social media, you need to do it right with your content and with what you have on your social profiles.

The latter is especially true on Facebook—the first things people see when they find your profile is your profile photo, cover picture, and bio.

Each of these need to be extremely polished and tell your brand's story.

If they don't, the person you're marketing to will quickly move on from your page and search elsewhere for a better solution—and trust us, no one wants that.

We've covered how to make the perfect cover photo in the past. In this piece, we'll dive deep and discuss how to make the perfect Facebook bio for your brand.

First off, make sure it's 100% original 

Quotes may have been good for your MySpace profile, but leave them behind for social media marketing.

Make sure all of the content in your bio is created by you. No one wants to read another Steve Jobs quote—and after all, borrowing from others does nothing to sell your brand.

This might take an hour or two, but in the end, you'll have something original and unique to your brand, which has a higher potential of leaving a solid impression.

Leave your humility at the door

Don't be humble in your Facebook bio (or Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest bio, for that matter). It's the place for you to show off what you do best, so don't be afraid to list your brand's skills, products, and services.

In other words: make your bio unmistakably about YOUR BRAND (and don't hold back).

But remember: show, don't tell

While we advise you to toot your own horn, you should also focus on sharing your brand's legitimate achievements, awards, and speaking engagements. Think design awards, conferences your leadership has spoken at, etc.

Doing this gives your bio a "show, not tell" feel, and highlights your brand/industry credentials.

Use emojis tastefully and paint a picture

Use Emojis to paint a picture

We recommend using a few emojis in all of your social media bios.

Doing this will paint a picture and make your brand stand out on all of the social networks that it's present on—just make sure each emoji is handpicked with thought and not randomly placed about.

For example, if you're a travel blog, you can use globe, plane, and hotel emojis. This helps communicate that your blog is about travel and adventure, and up to date.


Make 'em laugh!

Don't be afraid to use a little humor in your bio, too.

While you don't want to be over the top, adding a quick, relatable joke or something else to make your audience smile will make your bio memorable and stand out.

This is especially important in industries that often have largely uninteresting (let's be honest, boring) social media bios.

Add a call-to-action in your Facebook bio convert

Add a call-to-action to make your bio convert

Make sure to include a call-to-action in all of your social media bios.

This can be as simple as "Check out the latest insights on my blog" with a link to your blog, or it can be a far more intricately written. But whatever you do, just make sure a CTA is there.

Adding a CTA with an accompanying link (or real-world action) will drive traffic to your website and encourage the people reading your bio to take action on your content. If you don't have this, viewers may just pass over your profile without a second thought.

Keep it short and sweet

Keep your Facebook bio short yet jam-packed with information. It sounds harsh, but it's likely that no one is going to spend more than a few seconds reading your bio, so fit as much as you can into a short amount of words.

Add keywords to help your brand get discovered

Keywords are super important when writing a Facebook bio.

After all, this is how people will find your Facebook page in Facebook and Google search, as well as when using third-party Facebook search tools.

For example, we use "social media marketing" and "digital marketing" keywords in our bio so that we appear in search results for those terms.

Add keywords to your brand's Facebook bio for extended reach

Further, make sure you provide an accurate product list in the Products section of your bio. This will help provide a clearer picture of what your brand does.

Just think of it like you would traditional SEO—you're only going to rank for keywords you have actually added to your page.

But like traditional SEO, be careful not to overstuff keywords. If you do this, your content will sound spammy and will likely hurt your Facebook and Google rankings.

Finally, test your Facebook bio against this checklist

So, you followed all of the above steps and are ready to create the perfect bio for you brand—but don't upload it quite yet.

Take a gander at our checklist below and check your newly written bio against it. If it's missing any one of these items, try your best to go back through and add it—it will ensure it's up to spec and ready for prime time.

Here's the list:

  • Your bio is 100% original
  • Your bio attempts to make a great and unique first impression
  • Your bio is visually pleasing (includes emojis)
  • Your bio is short and sweet (preferably under Facebook's limit)
  • Your bio is full of relevant keywords

Passed the checklist?

Awesome—now get out there, and upload that new Facebook bio! Then sit back, don't relax, and keep posting awesome content that keeps the good impression going.

Bottom line

In this article, you learned how to make a stellar Facebook bio for your brand. Put these tips into practice, and you'll—without a doubt—make a better first impression. This will lead to more page likes, leads, and customers.

Have tips of your own for making a great first impression with Facebook bios? Drop us a comment below and let us know! 😉

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