Over the last few weeks we had several reports from customers that when they try to connect their Instagram profiles to Social Report - they run into a security validation on Instagram and upon completing it - they sometimes get into a vicious cycle of Instagram asking for security code.

Basically users run into a screen that looks like this when trying to login to Instagram


Instagram Suspicious Login Attempt


Here are some of our findings on this.

  • It seems that this is caused by users logging in from the same browser using multiple Instagram profiles. Instagram seems to think that this is suspicious and they flag your computer and account.
  • Try to resolve it by attempting to login to Instagram directly (without going through connecting of profiles in Social Report). You want to make sure you are able to login directly to Instagram from your browser first.
  • Try using Incognito window in your browser and see if that helps with getting past the security validation.
  • If all fails, try to actually reset your password using Instagram app and then coming back to your browser and logging in.
  • IMPORTANT: only after you have been able to successfully login to Instagram from your browser you should attempt to connect your Instagram profile to Social Report.

Let us know if you have any other questions on this.