Squarespace Instagram 2018

Squarespace is a web development platform for creatives. It lets anyone build a quick but good looking site that they can use to sell products, market themselves, and build a brand. The company embraces this image across all of its social channels and, like GoDaddy, uses its Instagram account to showcase creators using its platform. 

In this article, we'll show you three things we like about Squarespace's Instagram account. Incorporate these highlights into your brand's social media strategy to increase engagement and improve your social media image. 

Showcasing Creators on its Network


All of Squarespace's Instagram posts showcase a different creator or small business that uses Squarespace. Each post shows the brand's product and the caption gives a quick backstory on their business and how it was started. Further, each post directly links to the creator's Instagram account, so it can feed off of Squarespace's sizable social following. 

These types of posts are great for both Squarespace and the small businesses it showcases. Businesses get free publicity from being shouted out to Squarespace's (116,000!) followers, and Squarespace gets good publicity by being a supporter for small businesses that use its product.

Established Brand Aesthetic


The photos on Squarespace's Instagram feature a similar aesthetic: they're bright, modern, and give the audience a look at a different product or service. Additionally, most of the brands that Squarespace features on its Instagram page fall under the umbrella of artisan (or DIY) companies. This caters to Squarespace's millennial audience and further develops the brand's aesthetic. 

We like this because it makes the content on Squarespace's Instagram account predictable and organized. Its followers know that its Instagram posts are unmistakably "Squarespace" and, because of this, are more likely to stay engaged.

Oh, and having a set brand aesthetic speeds up the posting process. What social media manager doesn't love that? 

Direct Quotes


Not only does Squarespace showcase its creators, but it gives them a real voice in its posts. Many of Squarespace's Instagram posts feature a direct quote from a creator on its platform. We like these quotes because they give the Squarespace's following a direct look at what the featured creator does, and gives Squarespace's posts an added layer of authenticity. 

Consider using direct quotes when partnering with or showcasing others on your brand's Instagram page. This will make your life easier when producing content, and lets your partner brand's voice be heard.

Now it's Your Turn!

That's what we love about Squarespace's Instagram campaigns. Incorporate these methods into your brand's Instagram strategy in 2018 if they fit your brand and audience. For more inspiration, check out the rest of our Instagram Spotlights.


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