Direct Scheduling for Instagram

We woke up today and realized that we may or may not have just saved the world. Well, at least the social media world—and those of you living and working in it that have been long-waiting for a feature that allows you directly schedule to Instagram.

As of this earlier week, Social Report was officially accepted into the Instagram Marketing Partner program. This program recognizes the top companies specializing in ad technology, content marketing and community management. But saving the world takes a bit more than that.

Being added into this program gives us first access to Instagram's API and allows us to provide our users one of the most requested and talked about features ever: a seamless and direct way to schedule posts to Instagram. Rejoice—the world is no longer burning to ashes and the future looks bright.

Wait, So the Apocalypse Is No Longer Near?

Not even close anymore. Social Report users can now create and schedule Instagram posts within Social Report—no miserable/agonizing smartphone workaround required.

Furthermore, the Instagram Marketing Partner program provides us the ability to expand our Instagram monitoring and analytics features—which will allow our users to make more informed decisions as they venture down the path toward social media success.

This World Was Once a Dark Place...

Instagram has long withheld its full API from developers. To combat this, most social media marketing platforms use a "smartphone workaround" for Instagram posts. This process requires the poster to create an Instagram post on their computer, send it to a companion mobile app, and then move the photo and its caption from the companion app to Instagram.

This process is tedious and made hands-free scheduling pretty much impossible, so we're beyond excited to be able to offer the real thing and shine a line on true scheduling for our users.

Here's How You Can Get Set Up to Schedule Posts for Instagram:

Get set up with Social Report's enhanced Instagram features by ensuring that your Instagram Profiles are set up through Instagram as Instagram Business Profile. If your profiles are not already set up as Instagram Business Profiles, you'll need to first check out this article and quickly run through the process to convert them.

Converting to an IBP

Once that's done, you'll just need to reconnect your Instagram Business Profiles, as well as their attached Facebook Pages (part of converting to an Instagram Business Profile), to your Social Report projects.

Reconnecting Your Profiles to Social Report

Once you have ensured your Instagram Profiles are Instagram Business Profiles, simple reconnect them to their respective Social Report projects. You will not need to disconnect these profile to reconnect—simply click "Connect Profiles" and connect your profiles again, as if you are connecting them for the first time (it will automatically refresh and update to the Instagram Business Profile in your project).

You know that everything is setup correctly if your Instagram profile says 'Instagram Business' and 'Yes' for publishing.

Successfully Connecting Instagram Business Profile

Note: Also, you'll need to ensure that the Facebook Page attached to your Instagram Business Profile is simply reconnected as well. Once you've done that, you're ready to jump into scheduling your first posts to Instagram.

Scheduling Your Posts to Instagram and Enjoy a Whole New World of Social Media Management

Now that you've converted your Instagram profiles to Instagram Business Profiles and have reconnected both those profiles and their respective Facebook pages to your Social Report projects, you're ready to schedule some posts.

Simply compose a post with an image and message (which will serve as the caption), make sure you've selected your Instagram Business Profile(s) as a target profile, set a date and time, and you're ready to hit schedule and enter a new era of social media management. Welcome to the future, brought to you by Social Report.

Instagram Scheduling for Social Report