Account Takeover Tips

As discussed in our latest trend spotlight, social media account takeovers are on the rise. In short, account takeovers are when an employee, student, or someone else related to an organization "takes over" one of the brand's social channels for a day, posting "day in the life" photos.

Account takeovers have proven to increase engagement for many brands, but it's not without its risks. Giving control of your social media audience to an employee or customer who's not familiar with social media leaves much room for error. 

With those risks in mind, we've compiled four things your brand should keep in mind when launching an account takeover of its own. Use these tips to control risk and create an organized takeover campaign.

What are you trying to accomplish?


The one thing I missed most about switching from commuting to work to remote working was ... the commute. Wait, hear me out! When I started working remotely I got into the habit of rolling out of bed and straight to work. I started to miss that little lull I used to get before work, where I sat on the tube (London Underground) to work and lost myself in a book for an hour. # So now I get up a little bit earlier and give myself some extra time to myself in the mornings. Breakfast and a good book. It's also helped me have a bit of separation between home life and work life, which I found I needed working from home. # Currently I'm reading Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. Only a quarter of the way in, but enjoying it so far! If anyone's got any book recommendations, I'd love to hear them. ^JM . . . #litmuslife #employeetakeover #makeemailbetter #emailgeeks #flatlay #remotelife #remoteworking #remoteworker #breakfast #kindle #remote #remotework #morningroutine

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First thing's first: know what you want to accomplish before launching your account takeover. Use this objective to guide all planning of your account takeover.

Why do this? Simply put, a company looking to recruit more employees will have a different account takeover than a makeup company pushing their latest line. Figuring out your brand's objective early on will save you time later down the road and gives you a tangible end goal.

Choose the right social network


*Airhorn noise!*🚨Hi everyone! My name is Cooper Packard, and I’m a senior majoring in Political Science and Spanish with a certificate in GIS. Some background info about me: I’m a third year RA on campus for @setondpu and a marketing coordinator for @chicagocares. I’ve also been a Chicago Quarter Mentor (CQM), completed a DePaul service immersion trip, studied abroad in Argentina, done improv with DePaul, and participated in DemonTHON. I love dog spotting, ice cream, and wearing a hat with a corgi on it. 🐶 And guess what: I’m graduating in June! 🤯⁉️ .. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I hope you enjoy tagging along with me this week. Stay tuned for some #riveting content from my day-to-day life! #IAmDePaul -CP

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Further, use your objective to decide on which social media platform you'd like to have your takeover guest post on. If they're going to be posting photos, you'll want to stick them on Snapchat or Instagram (and Instagram Stories!). On the flipside, Twitter or Facebook may be a better fit if your takeover includes posting blog posts, insights, or other written content.

Establish posting guidelines

Guidelines for an Account Takeover

Make sure there are expectations in place for the employee or customer that’s posting to your social accounts. Some things to include in these guidelines are expected post frequency, rules on what the user can and cannot post, and whether or not your guest poster can reply to @replies and other customer interactions with your social pages.

Doing this clears up any confusion and misconceptions your guest poster may have about posting to your accounts. This reinforces the fact that they should not use this like they would a personal account, but rather, that they are representing both themselves and your company in a very public way.

Pick the right person to post

Finally, choosing the right person to guest post to your social accounts is crucial to the success of your takeover campaign. As a general guideline, pick someone that has technology and language skills that are adept enough to post to social media. Further, if you’re running your takeover on Snapchat or Instagram, make sure they can proficiently use a smartphone camera.

This keeps up a solid brand image and ensures that Tweets won’t be sent out with grammatical mistakes or blurry photos. 

Enjoy your takeover!

Like stated earlier, takeover campaigns can increase engagement and spice up your brand's social channels. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that the campaign runs smoothly and keeps up a positive brand image.