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Account takeovers are an up-and-coming trend in the world of social media. In short, this trend is when a company or university gives an employee or student access to one of its social media pages—usually Snapchat or Instagram. The employee has full reign over posting from these accounts and uses it to provide a "day in the life" perspective from an employee, student, customer, or even a celebrity.

While this is a relatively new trend, many companies are already embracing it. It can bring massive amounts of engagement and keeps your content fresh and interesting, creating a loyal audience. Check out the following examples from brands and organizations that are crushing it in the account takeover department.

DePaul University (@iamdepaul) — Weekly Student Takeover


Something that I always loved about going to depaul is being able to travel around Chicago on the El. My freshman year I got lost every single time I left Belden. Sooner or later my roommate Atlanta and I realized that if we’re ever downtown off the red line, HOward is HOme, and that’s how we’ll get back. And it works! (Except for all the times I got lost on any other line). Today I got of the redline at Grand and went to The Sugar Factory! I can feel the cavities already. 😊 It’s actually a little warmer today and since “the city is your campus”... go explore Chicago and have a great day!!! I’ll be back later with another post cause I’m seeing Black Panther TONIGHT! STAY TUNED! Xoxo, #IAmDePaul - KG

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DePaul University gives the reins of its Instagram account, @iamdepaul, to a different student every week. During the week, students post aspects of life at the university and the surrounding Chicagoland area as photos and Instagram Stories. 

These social media takeovers give perspective to those considering applying to DePaul and make current students feel included—two upsides for the university.

Sephora (@sephora) — Celebrity Makeup Takeovers 


First public selfie ever 😕 😜 @ElizandJames #SephoraTakeover

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Occasionally, Sephora gives its Instagram account to a big name celebrity. For example, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took over the account, posting selfies, travel photos, and other day-to-day photos. Obviously, this increased engagement from recognition, but had some interesting residual effects too. 

When giving the account to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, their posts got tons of media coverage. Why? They posted their first ever public selfie to the account. This landed the post on a number of celebrity news outlets and further grew Sephora's social media reach.

Airbnb (@airbnb) — Showcasing Travelers and Hosts

Taking a step back from Instagram, Airbnb hands its Snapchat account over to a different tenant or host every week. People taking over the Airbnb Snapchat take its following to a new city each week, giving insights into what to do, where to eat—and of course—a look at local Airbnb accommodations. 

Kuno Creative (@kunocreative) — Giving New Meaning to Employee of the Week

Kuno Creative handed the reins of its Instagram account to each of its employees in 2016. The company gave insight into employee life by letting its employees publish everything from food photos to comments about work life, giving the company a friendly face to prospective job applicants and clients. 

The firm published a study on its findings too. Some interesting takeaways include: food photos got the most engagement, and Boomerang images performed far better than static images. 

Give Takeovers a Shot for Your Brand

That's a look at four brands doing takeover marketing well. Is your company planning a takeover? Let us know in the comments!

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