5 Brands with Awesome Twitter Humor

When executed correctly, humor can be a great way for businesses and enterprises to attract and retain customers via Twitter. It gives your brand a lighthearted feel and makes you more relatable to your customers. Some brands do a particularly good job of humorous Tweeting, and have built a substantial following as a result. 

In this article, we'll show you our top five humorous corporate Twitter accounts. These companies range from fast food restaurants to film studios, so any company can use these examples inspiration for its own social media initiatives.

1. Wendy's: Sarcasm Done Right

Wendy's has of a cult following on Twitter, and for a good reason. The fast food chain frequently posts tastefully sarcastic jokes that even the healthiest eaters can enjoy. In these Tweets the brand owns up to being the underdog of American fast food and occasionally makes lighthearted jokes at its competitors.

2. Denny's: Meme Galore

Denny's is a of pioneer of humorous corporate social media. They frequently post funny fake company slogans and internet memes, seeing huge engagement numbers as a result. Take the above Shrek meme for example: it was liked over 39,000 times.

3. Netflix: Inside Jokes for the Masses

It's no secret that Netflix's original shows have a huge fanbase. The streaming service embraces this, and fills its Twitter account with inside jokes and video montages from its original series. This works particularly well for the company as this makes its Tweets extremely sharable; if someone finds one of their jokes funny, chances are their friends do too.

4. A24: The Master of Retweeting 

A24—a popular Los Angeles film studio—has mastered the art of both humorous Tweeting and retweeting. The company's followers frequently make memes and other content related to the studio, and A24 happily retweets it. This keeps their followers laughing and more importantly, feeling included. 

5. Spirit Airlines: Corporate Humor

Spirit Airlines is known for its low fares and witty corporate style, and their Twitter account doesn't disappoint. Spirit frequently Tweets out humorous fare deals and travel notices, making the best out of stressful travel situations.

Make 'em Laugh!

Have a favorite humorous corporate Twitter account? Let us know your favorites in the comments box below!

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