Facebook Likes

With over two billion daily active users, Facebook is the place to be for most of the online world. Additionally, one third of Facebook users interact with brands on a regular basis, making having a Facebook audience an increasingly more valuable sales and marketing tool for companies big and small.

If you’re struggling to build your Facebook audience, you’re in the right place: in this article, we’ll show you five simple ways to get more Facebook likes on your business' Facebook page.

1. Post Regularly and Be Consistent

Posting frequently (but not too frequently) can increase your Facebook likes and engagement. CoSchedule analyzed fourteen different studies and found that one Facebook post a day is the sweet spot for increasing Facebook engagement. Any more than that, and your Facebook page may be seen as spam by your users. Any less, and your Facebook page may be forgotten by your audience.

2. Stay On Topic

No one Likes a Facebook page about veganism to see posts on the best ways to cook a steak. Make sure to keep your Facebook page on-topic and only post content that’s relevant to your brand. If a user sees you posting about unrelated topics, they’re unlikely to stay subscribed long term or share your content with their friends.

"Run a web store that sells cycling gear? Posts links to articles about bike races and bike law. Bonus points if they’re links to articles on your brand’s in-house blog."

However, doesn’t limit you to solely posting about your brand: post content relevant to your industry too. Run a web store that sells cycling gear? Posts links to articles about bike races and bike law. Bonus points if they’re links to articles on your brand’s in-house blog.

3. Use Visual Media in Your Posts

Visual media is key to increasing engagement on your Facebook posts. In fact, in a recent article, we shared that an infograph that notes that adding a photo or video to your posts increases engagement on most social networks. Reap these benefits by making a quick graphic and appending it to your post. This will help your post stand out, and in turn drive more engagement and likes.

4. Engage with Your Audience

Post engaging content to your Facebook page that invites your audience to comment on your posts. When someone comments on your post, it may show up on their friend’s Newsfeeds too. This puts your brand in front of more eyes, hence leading to more Likes.   

One proven way of increasing comments on your Facebook posts is by ending your posts with a question or call for opinions. A study by KISSmetrics shows that posts ending with a question are 100% more likely to be commented on than posts without comments.

5. Facebook Ads

Don’t be afraid to buy Facebook Ads to increase Likes. When targeted properly, you can use these ads to increase traffic to your business’ Facebook page by promoting a specific post. Make sure to optimize the content carefully as Facebook gives you full control over who you target the advertisement to.

Facebook Ads aren’t as expensive as you’d think. You can run an add with a $1 minimum, making it easy to test your targeting without dropping all of your marketing budget. Read our Social Report on Facebook Ads for more information.

Keep On Posting!

And those are five simple ways to increase your business’ Facebook page likes. Remember: it’s a sprint not a race. Keep posting good content and following the tips on this list, and Likes will come naturally.