Social Media Tools for Franchises

For a franchise with dozens or hundreds of locations across the country, it can be difficult to create an efficient and effective social media strategy. There's also a question of how to differentiate your social pages from thousands of other businesses vying for your customers' attention.

Both franchisees and franchisors need tools to make sure they stand out from the crowd, but also share content that’s brand consistent. Below, we've collected 8 amazing tools that do exactly that.

These tools can be used by the franchisor to manage social pages, create stunning branded content, and run promotions to strengthen their franchise's social presence. The same tools can also be accessed by franchisees, so each can put their own unique spin on contests, images, and videos.   

1. Canva 

Canva is one of the best free tools available to create stunning graphics for your franchise's social media accounts and blog. You can opt for the paid version, but free already provides tons of useful features like layouts, illustrations, and different font types.

The web-based tool has an easy-to-use interface, so you can create graphics even without prior graphics design experience. Canva also provides recommended sizes for Facebook images and cover photos, Pinterest pins, Twitter images, and other social media channels.

The ease of creating social media graphics also means you can create daily content to share on your social pages with little work needed similar to how Anytime Fitness regularly shares text-based images:

2. Buzzsumo

If your social pages are getting lower than usual engagement, you can use Buszzsumo to look for topics that consumers in your industry find interesting. This free web-based tool (there’s a paid version) lets you see what topics, blog articles, videos, news articles, images, and more receive high engagement on social media.

Simply enter keywords related to your franchise’s industry (fitness, food, education, real estate, etc.) and Buzzsumo will show statistics on topics being liked, shared, and commented on. High-levels stats include Facebook Engagement, Share from Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin, and total shares across many social platforms. 

Buzz Sumo

You can also use Buzzsumo to check out what your competitors are doing. Simply type their business name or their website’s URL on the search bar to see what type of content their audience likes to engage with. Then, find similar content or create new ones to share on your franchise’s social profiles to replicate their success.

3. PowToon 

Easily create engaging animated videos for social media using Powtoon. It features plenty of illustrations and font styles that you can use to match your brand aesthetic. It also gives you the ability to customize animations, add audio, or record a voiceover for every video.

You can use Powtoon to create animated videos for your franchise’s social pages, or instructional presentations for training staff, or informative clips for franchisees. Powtoon has a limited free plan, so you can see how it benefits your social strategy before purchasing any of their agency-focused paid plans.

4. PageModo

If you regularly run contests, giveaways, and coupons for your franchise’s Facebook page, PageModo can help you better manage it. It allows you to create custom tabs using professionally designed themes, so you can run your promotions, do lead generation, or help customers find your different locations easily.


In addition, the PageModo Contest app lets you create Facebook compliant contests with the ability to track the contest’s performance, so you can run contests, sweepstakes, and coupon promotion and see if they’re helping you achieve your marketing goals.  

5. Social Report

Running a profitable business is tough, but handling accounts across multiple social media platforms can pose numerous challenges for franchise owners and franchisees alike. To have an effective social strategy, you need to understand social data, publish a regular stream of content, constantly engage with your customers.

This is where an all-in-on social media management tool like Social Report can help franchise owners. Social Report brings all the features you need to effectively manage social accounts in one convenient place. Here are some of the features we love:

  • Sophisticated Analytics: Track the performance of all your social pages including post engagement, reTweets, Facebook Likes, fan page demographics, and more using an intuitive dashboard. You can also create unlimited reports for all your social accounts, so you can easily analyze data and make better decisions for your social strategy.
  • Social Media Scheduling: Plan and schedule your posts in advance and get insights on your top performing posts, so you can deliver them at optimal times. You can also promote posts multiple times and edit the captions and images, so your pages are always active and fresh.
  • Smart Social Inbox: Smart Social inbox lets you find and join conversations across all your social media channels in one easy to use inbox. Here, you can assign tasks to your social media management team, so you have an organized workflow for liking, commenting, or replying to posts from your customers.

Learn how Social Report can help improve your franchise’s social media management here.

6. Social Toaster

Reward your franchise’s most loyal social media followers and increase your social reach with Social Toaster. This tool helps encourage your franchise’s superfans, those who actively advocate your brand, to share your social posts in exchange.

Social Toaster gamifies social promotion. First, you invite superfans to join your club. Then, Social Toaster pushes your social posts to the members and encourage them to share it to their followers. The superfan who shares content with the largest audience will earn points that they can use for rewards.

Social Toaster

You can choose rewards (free products, big discounts, gift cards) that fit your fanbase to motivate fans even more.

7. Unsplash

You want to use original content to establish your franchise’s identity and credibility. However, it can be hard to consistently find images for your social posts and using the same images over and over may annoy your fans.

Stock images are great, but they often come with licensing fees and restrictions that can put a wrench in your social posting schedule. That’s why a resource for high quality and copyright free images, like Unsplash, is important for brands who constantly share on their social profiles.


Anyone else see the Super Blue Blood Moon?⠀ Feat. @gkumar21

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Unsplash provides a wide array of copyright free images that you can use for your business and alter to your liking without the need for fees and attribution. Similarly, photos from the site come from independent photographers, so they are unique and don’t look stock at all.

8. Easelly

Infographics are shared three times more than other social posts, which makes it ideal for creating buzz and extending the reach of your franchise’s social pages.

If you lack the design skills to create infographics, you may be tempted to share those created by other brands. However, original content will still give you the best results.

Luckily, a web app like Easelly allows you to create infographics for your franchise without the need for a professional designer. This free tool features templates, illustrations, and fonts to help you create infographics for social media and share directly from the app.


It can be difficult for one brand to run a successful social strategy but businesses with multiple franchises can pose even more challenges. Both franchisors and franchisees need tools to help them successfully meet the challenges together. Use the tools above to keep your franchise’s social pages consistent and unique.