Tips for Sprucing Up Your Brand's Feed

One of the best parts of being a social media manager is the freedom to conceptualize new and creative ways to market a brand, using a multitude of tools. However, this also means the job requires you to consistently out-duel the competition.

What happens when the creative juices stop flowing for a minute or two? The answer can get complicated, so we've made it simpler for you. Here are 7 easy social media tips to help replenish your creativity and spruce up your brand's feed.

1. Reimagine Your Content

So much work is needed to create your best content, so it makes sense to get the most out of every article or video you make. There are many ways to repurpose your content and deliver it to your followers without sounding redundant.

There are many ways to repurpose content, and one of the easiest is to turn ideas into images. Image-rich social media posts are very shareable on social media. You can take advantage of this by creating photo quotes using interesting tidbits from an article. If you're article is data-driven, use statistics you researched to fashion a simple infographic or presentation via Slideshare.

You can also convert 10 to 20-minute videos into bite-sized clips that are more convenient for social media users. Humans of New York posts intriguing segments of their episodes on Instagram to encourage followers to promote new posts.

In contrast, you can divide long-from content or extended a 10-minute video into a more comprehensive series. Starting a series can give followers something to look forward to and give your brand the opportunity to regularly appear on their feed without parroting yourself.

2. Make Awesome Videos

Video has been exploding on social media in recent years. According to Cisco, video drive 85% of search traffic in the U.S. by 2019. Nearly all major social media platforms have a native video feature that marketers can take advantage of. You want to keep a healthy dose of engaging content in-between videos aimed at promoting your products or services.

One video idea you can try is to showcase an event or interview people on Facebook Live. Facebook livestreams are watched three times more than a recorded video and can be a way for your brand to genuinely interact with your followers.

You can also use Stories on Facebook and Instagram or Snapchat to show behind the scenes footage of your employees at work or give them a tour of your office. 

People casually scrolling through their feed may also be stopped in their tracks by bite-sized videos with an interesting promise or striking visuals. Peep how Buzzfeed's Tasty did both in the video below:

3. Partner Up

Look for strong brands that share the same target audience for a collaboration, ad campaign, a podcast, and more. Obviously, you don't want to reach out to direct competitors. Instead, find a brand that caters to the same group of people and offer different products.

This way you can tap into each other's audiences without cannibalizing your own sales. You don't need to collaborate on products, but you take cues from how Adidas partners with musicians like Pharrell to market trendy sneakers:

You can also try a social media takeover to introduce fresh faces on your feed. A takeover means handing the keys to your social accounts over to an influencer or celebrity for a short amount of time. Remember to select the someone with a large, engaged following that's similar to yours. The fashion giant, Eddie Bauer, regularly does this for their Instagram account:

4. Put Customers in the Spotlight

92% of people trust their peers more than they trust brands, so it's a great idea to infuse your feed with peer recommendations. LinkedIn's dedicated support account does this beautifully by retweeting satisfied customers on their Twitter account:

Brands also feature customer images on their social accounts from time to time. This can help build brand loyalty and a genuine sense of community for your customers. Simply retweeting, regraming, or replying to your customers posts is a great way to thank your fans and show your appreciation. Plus, showing some love to your followers is fairly simple to do.

Apple takes this approach to the next level by using their Instagram account exclusively for photos shot on iPhones:

Featuring customers on your social accounts can help build your relationship with them, but that all goes to waste if you don't constantly to respond to their queries. Social media fans expect a speedy response when they send a direct message to brand's page.

That's why having a centralized inbox for all your social media accounts is important. Smart Social Inbox lets you conveniently find and manage comments, messages, and tweets for all your social accounts in one place. This makes responding to customer questions, queries, and retweets easier, especially when handling multiple accounts.

5. Reward Your Followers

Reward your loyal followers and get more engagement on your page by running a giveaway or contest. Offer to provide your fans with free stuff in exchange for commenting, tagging friends, retweeting, or using a branded hashtag. Not only does contests or giveaways excite your fans, the increased engagement can also extend your posts' organic reach and earn you more than a few followers in return. Gary Vee regularly runs giveaways with his #60secondclub branded hashtag over on Instagram:

Similarly, you can offer exclusive deals specifically from your social pages. Deals on social media have a few advantages over their traditional counterparts. They're easier to track and are fairly inexpensive, and it enables you to test how much of your followers are actually customers. Plus, running exclusive deals can reinforce the benefits of following your brand on social media to your fans.

6. Stay Trendy 

You may have a solid marketing strategy to follow, but opportunities can sometimes come out of nowhere and you will need to grab it. Capitalizing on timely content can give you the opportunity to one up your competition. It can also boost engagement and grow your fans in a short amount of time. Remember Oreo's Superbowl Blackout tweet? That tweet was conceptualized and published during the 34-minute blackout and has amassed more than 15,000 retweets to date:

Social media platforms are constantly evolving, and it can pay to be an early adopter of new features instead of playing the waiting game. New features get social media users excited, and you can ride the hype to increase awareness for your brand. From Instagram's Follow Hashtag to Twitter Threads, implementing a strategy around new features can help your brand standout and give you a head start for the future.

7. Have Fun

Having fun on your social media accounts is a surefire way to endear you to customers and make your brand look more personable. Memes are an ever-popular way to connect with wide array of people and not just your customers through humor.

However, there's more than one way put a smile on your fans' faces. You can also utilize native video to showcase a funny ad or use livestreaming for interactions.

Fan interaction can also produce some seriously funny scenarios. Fast food chains Taco Bell and Wendy's are known to have LOL-worthy conversations. Tread carefully, however, as poking fun at your customers or roasting them publicly on social media can backfire if implemented incorrectly. So far, Taco Bell has found success with witty interaction from both their fans and other brands:

Having fun isn't just about injecting humor into your posts; you can also achieve it by celebrating important company milestones with your followers. Celebrating your 10th year anniversary? Recently got your first million app download? Did you hit 10,000 newsletter subscribers? Share it with your fans!

Celebrating victories will show how your brand and the community around it has grown, and it also hints at how successful your company is. Most celebrities use this strategy to thank their fans for hitting a certain number of subscribers, but brands can also utilize it similar to how Movie Pass did it:


As a social media manager, it can be fun to create content that's unique and highly engaging. However, the next time you're in a creative rut, try these 7 social media tips to keep your content fresh and your social feeds alive.