20 Instagram for Stunning Photos in 2018 

95 million photos and videos are published on Instagram every single day, and this means a ton of content is constantly being pushed through the feeds of its 800 million registered users.

This means snapping a great photo and using one of Instagram’s default filters on it is no longer viable, especially if you've built a significant network on the platform. There is a considerable need to create visually striking images that stand out from the competition.

Fortunately, there are dozens of apps that can help social media managers and marketers level up their Instagram content creation. From creating graphics to editing photos and videos, these 20 Instagram apps will help you stunning content for your Instagram account no matter your skill level.

1. Canva

Canva lets you create professional graphics from scratch with little to no design experience required. With a number of available templates and an easy to use drag-and-drop interface, the app makes it easy to create social graphics like motivational photos, giveaway announcements, and more. (IOS, Android)


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2. PiktoChart

With Instagram's added capabilities like portrait photos and carousel, sharing data visually on the platform makes even more sense now. Use Piktochart's templates to easily create and share relevant information to your followers. (IOS)


3. Social Report's Instagram Publishing Tool

Consistently publishing killer content goes hand in hand with creating them. For a social media manager, using an Instagram scheduling tool can ease the of burden of constantly pushing out content.

Similarly, Social Report's comprehensive analytics shows your top performing posts, so you can create more of what your followers want. Pretty convenient, right?

Social Report for Instagram

4. Adobe Aviary

Adobe is synonymous with photo manipulation, and the Aviary app brings decades of photo manipulation expertise to your mobile device. The mobile app lets you enhance photos using filters, overlays, and effects. It also allows you to adjust lighting and color or erase blemishes in a single tap, making it powerful yet easy to use. (IOS, Android)


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5. No Crop and Square

The name says it all: No Crop and Square lets you post your photos on Instagram without cropping. This is especially useful if you want to showcase all the details of your landscape or portrait images in Instagram’s traditional square format. (Android)

No Crops and Square

6. Layout

Instagram's proprietary collage maker lets you create collages using images from your camera roll or pictures you've just snapped. It also conveniently packs the social network’s filters, so you can keep your profile's look consistent. (IOS, Android)

7. Swipeable

If you love taking panorama shots, Swipeable makes it easier to publish it on Instagram. It uses the social network’s carousel function to divide your panorama photos into square cards, so your followers can simply swipe to see the whole image. (IOS)


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8. Over

Marketed as a powerful editing tool for both novices and pros, Over allows you to select over 25,000 beautiful fonts and graphics to add to your images. With a wealth of features, you can create detail-heavy images or simple, minimalist ones. (IOS)


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VSCO’s basic photo image manipulation functions a lot like Instagram’s, but the added ability of mixing filters makes it that much more powerful. Another added bonus is the App has its own community where you can see photos from other users of the app.  (IOS, Android)

10. Social Report's Built-in Image Editor

If you're using Social Report to manage all your social accounts in one place, it makes sense to use it's built-in image editor. Powered by Adobe Creative, you can apply effects, change colors, add text, zoom, crop, and more without ever leaving the app.

11. Captiona

From time to time, crafting the perfect caption is the most time-consuming part of publishing a photo. This is where Captiona comes in. Simply input a keyword in the app and it will provide you a list of trending lines, saying, quotes, or phrases related to the topic or niche. (IOS)


12. HyperLapse

Hyperlapse lets you shoot time-lapse videos, but Instagram’s native app has infused it with stabilization technology that allows you to create videos even when you’re out and about. This welcome feature means videos of your road trips will be less shaky and more enjoyable. (IOS)


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13. Boomerang

Plain and simple: boomerang's are fun to make and enjoyable to watch. Use Instagram's own app to create short videos that move forward and backward and bring something unique and comical to your curated feed. (IOS, Android)


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14. InShot

Along with a bevvy of handy features, Inshot lets you add music, visual effects, and voice-overs to your Instagram videos helping them stand out from the typical selfie videos on the platform. (IOS)


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15. Video Editor

Along with Inshot, you can use this highly rated app to enhance your video's brightness, exposure, and more. Formerly known as Vstudio, Video Editor also boasts over 80 different filters you can select from to make each video as unique as possible. (IOS)

Video Editor

16. Clips

Apple’s very own Clips App lets you create short videos with added text, graphics, special effects, and an interesting Live Titles feature. Using Siri, Live Titles adds captions on your video as you speak, and the company claims it perfectly syncs with your voice. (IOS)


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17. Quik by GoPro

For GoPro owners, Quik makes it easier to edit videos through their smartphone and quickly share them on Instagram. This removes the need to manually select photos from your device and importing it to another app. (IOS, Android)

18. HypeType

The app's motion typography brings unique visuals to your videos or Instagram stories. If you’re feeling less than creative, HypeType lets you pull random quotes to make your stories more meaningful. (IOS


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19. Giphy Cam

Add a bit of humor your highly curated, heavily-filtered photo stream with Giphy Cam. This fun little app lets you create silly GIFs with options to add filters, overlays, reactions and more. (IOS, Android)


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20. Crop Square Video

If you don't like the way Instagram crops your videos, Crop Square Video makes it possible to manually crop, reposition, resize, rotate videos. This ensures that your followers see your videos the way you intended for them to see it. (IOS)

Crop Square Video


With millions of visual content bombarding your followers' feeds daily, there is a considerable need to produce photos, videos, and Stories that stand above the noise. Luckily, these 20 Instagram apps can help level up your content creation game.

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