Automations are an integral part of any social media manager's day to day operations. Not everything that social media manager does requires a human interaction - hence if you are able to automate some of these activities - you can not only save time but also improve your social presence. You can learn more about automations here


We are happy to announce the introduction of new Instagram automations. 

  • Following of New Followers - if you are followed - we can automatically follow back on your behalf.
  • Unfollow Lost Follower - Unfollowing those who have unfollowed you. We can automatically unfollow users that unfollow your profiles.
  • Like Media with Tagged Location - If you are following specific locations you can automatically like uploaded media there.
  • Follow user that tagged location - Follow user who tagged a location that you are tracking.
Instagram Automations

Here's a video on how to set it up: 

Learn more about Instagram locations and automations here.


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