Project permissions allow you to control which users are able to access your projects and what they can do in each project. 

  • Automations - allows user to manage social automations enabled for this project.
  • Manage Profiles - allows user to manage social profiles in this project: connect, move them across projects, delete them, give them descriptive names.
  • API - allows user to use programmatic interface to access project's data.
  • Address Book - allows user to access project's address book.
  • Export Data - allows user to export project's data.
  • Goals - allows user to access project's goal and objective reporting.
  • Manage Users - allows user to manage other project users.
  • Publish - allows user to publish to social profiles in this project.
    • Without approval - no approval is required, all posts go out at scheduled times.
    • With approval - publications of this user will need to be approved first.
  • Approve Publications - allows user to approve publications of others.
  • Receive Notifications - allows user to receive project level notifications (i.e. Daily Digests, Publication Notices, etc).
  • Reports - allows user to generate PDF reports.
  • Search Agents - allows user to use search agent feature.

If you have any questions about these permissions, please contact support.