This happens when you add a Facebook Page as an 'Other pages' page and not as a 'Page you own'. Here is why...

When you add Facebook pages to Social Report you are first taken to Facebook where you get a chance to give Social Report necessary permissions to gain access to your administered pages. When you acknowledge of requested permissions you are taken back and offered several options on what specifically you would like to track. 


At this point, you can simply pick the specific profiles you would like to be added to your dashboard. 

IMPORTANT: if you are an admin of your page, the page will show up in the 'Pages you own" section.

If pages you are an administrator of do not show in this 'Pages you own' section, there are few possibilities for why this might be:

  1. Are you logged in with the correct Facebook personal account? Try this: go to Facebook, logout, go back to Social Report, and try adding the Facebook page now - this time making sure that you are logged in with the correct Facebook account
  2. Is it possible that when you were authenticating for the first time - you have unchecked/removed certain permissions from what we have asked for? If you have, fixing it is easy. Go to Facebook, click Settings > Apps and remove Social Report from the list. Then go back to Social Report and re-add your pages. You will be prompted for authentication one more time. Please make sure not to uncheck any permissions this time.
  3. If you don't own this page - please make sure that you are still an admin. You may need to contact the page owner. You can also check that in Facebook under Settings.

If this does not help - please contact support and we can troubleshoot this further for you.