When composing a new link post, you can control the way your link is shared in your social channels.


1. You can modify the image, title and description of the link preview.

Click Change Image to replace the image from your media library.

You can choose your image from a variety of options:

- Upload from disk
- Upload from URL
- Select thousands of free images from Pixabay or free gifs from Giphy
- Upload from cloud storage accounts such as OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive



If posting on Facebook and/or Twitter, the default link shortening should be enabled before you can modify link previews. This is due to Facebook's restrictions on link preview modification in an effort to prevent the spread of fake news. Read full press release here

2. If you close the link preview, the system will use the website's default image, title and description for the link preview.

3. If you use an image, the post will become an image post with a text and a link at the end.

Image post vs. Link post


4. You can design a Twitter message separately in case you want to include hashtags or mentions (optional).