Our Optimization report allows you to quickly and easily find the best time to execute your social media strategy. Instead of giving you flat day and time (like all other tools do), we instead give you a research tool that you can use to determine the best time with respect to things that you think are valuable indicators of best time. For example, you may not consider Twitter direct messages to be indicative of anything - you have the power to exclude them from the report.

This is how it works. By default, when you open the report, you will see analysis that includes all networks and types of events across all profiles in the given project

The first chart shows you activity broken by day of the week. The second chart shows you activity by hour of day

Note that you can click on any bars to see what actually happened during that day or hour:


Now you can also utilize the filtering options to remove events that you don't wantcontributing to the best time analysis. Just check the "Filter" button. Here is an example of focusing on Twitter only time:


You can quite easily use this information to properly time your social media activities. As an example based on this information it probably does not make sense for us to tweet between 7pm and 8am EST, but instead we should be tweeting between 12pm and 6pm. Hence this post is being published at 3pm.




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