Managing your social publication activity has just gotten easier. You can now browse your scheduled publications using a convenient calendar display.

Go to Publishing > View Calendar

Publishing calendar

Hovering on each post shows you more detailed information on the actual text, when it was published, who published it, and the profiles it was scheduled on:

Publication Processed

What do the colors represent?

To easily determine the content group a post belongs to at first glance, you can assign color codes in content groups:

Content groups colors

To set this, go to Publishing > All Content Groups > Click on the circle on the left side of the content group you want to assign a color to.

How to schedule content

To quickly schedule content, simply click on a future date and the option to select a content group will appear.

Schedule a post via calendar

How to drag and drop posts

You may also transfer posts to a different date through drag and drop:

Drag and drop posts

List View Option

You may change the Calendar view to list option. This allows you to mass select the posts and do a bulk delete if you wish to.


Refreshing the Calendar

Click on the refresh button on the upper left part of the calendar to refresh the page:

Refresh calendar

Filtering Options

You can use the Filter option on the right hand side of the dashboard to filter your publishing calendar to show only posts from a specific category.

You can filter your calendar by:

  1. Content groups - to see the posts by content group
  2. Statuses - if you want to see which posts were scheduled, published, and if any failed due to errors
  3. Users - to see the posts scheduled by a specific user
  4. Profiles - to see the scheduled posts by connected profile.
Publishing Calendar

Exporting the Calendar

You can export the calendar via iCalendar or CSV format. To export, go to Reports > Export > Excel ReportPublications:

Export Calendar Posts

Importing the Calendar

You can import the calendar to any calendar applications that accept ICS and CSV calendar files:

Calendar import and export

Google Calendar

Go to Google Calendar Settings:

Google Calendar

Select Import > Select file from your computer:

Calendar import and expoert

The posts are now imported in your calendar app:

imported calendar

Exporting Scheduled Posts

You can export your scheduled posts to a PDF file by going to Reports > Export > PDF Report > Under Select Report, choose Scheduled Posts.

Schedule Report PDF
Scheduled Posts

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