With WordPress you have two options when it comes to getting your blog up and running. You can either host it at WordPress or you can download it and set it up on your server. 

If you are hosting multiple blogs using WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugin then please follow these instructions instead

Here is what you need to do in order to be able to connect your WordPress blog to your Social Report dashboard:

Step 1: Activate XML-RPC Remote Publishing.

Enable XML-RPC in your blog


Step 2. Install “Jetpack by WordPress.com“ plugin

Click on "Plugins", then "Add New". Use the search box to find the plugin.

Searching for JetPack plugin


Once you find the plugin, click on "Install Now"


Install JetPack Plugin


Once plugin is installed, it will show up in the list of installed plugins.


Step 3. Activate “Jetpack by WordPress.com“ and "Akismet" plugins

Once "Jetpack by WordPress.com" plugin is installed we need to activate it. Click on "Activate" link.

Please also make sure that Akismet plugin in activated (Akismet plugin is typically part of standard word press installation)


Step 4. Connect “Jetpack by WordPress.com“ to WordPress.com

Now that plugin is active, let's connect it to WordPress.com. Click on "Connect to WordPress.com" button. 

Activate Jetpack plugin


You will be taken to word press. If you don't have an account, you can create it. 

IMPORTANT: be sure to click on "signup for just a username"

Create wordpress account


Once you register, you will receive an email with activation link.

Step 5. Activate WordPress Account

Simply click "Activate Account" link. Once you activate your account, you will receive one last email. It has your API Key:

Activate WordPress Account


Step 6. Grab your API Key

API key will be sent to you in an email. Be sure to keep it for your records! If you forget it, you can always retrieve it by going to http://apikey.wordpress.com/


Step 7. Add your blog to Social Report

That's it. The rest of the process is simple. Simply click on "Add Account" in Social Report, and click on Word Press icon.


Add WordPress Blog to Social Report


Learn more about what we track for WordPress blogs here: https://socialreport.zendesk.com/entries/417736-wordpress-tracking-with-social-report



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