Wherever there's conversations about a topic that interests you across your social space, we'll deliver it to you. Tweets, Reviews, Blog Posts, News – you're covered. Here is how:

1. On your dashboard navigate to "Search Agents"  and click "New Agent" button

2. Give your agent a meaningful name. For example "social media"

3. Tel us where you would like us to search: 

  • Everywhere - we will search all supported networks (note that you can get more specific).
  • Only My Network - we will only search social networks connected to the project.
  • RSS - any RSS feed.

4. Tell us how you would like us to search

  • Any keywords - if we find any of your keywords - it is a match!
  • All keywords - a match will contain all entered keywords.
5. Add as many keywords as you like. For example "social media", "aviation show", etc.
6. Add any negative keywords you don't want included in the search.
7. Choose whether you want the search results emailed to any users on the project.

When you are done, click on the "Save" button.

8. You will see a "loading" message while we perform an initial discovery. Please allow 1-2 hours for initial results to come back (typically a lot faster).

9. Voila - your discovery results are ready!

Social Search Results


Here are some cool things you can do now:

  • Click on keywords to filter down the results
  • Click on influence tab to find out who influences this topic the most.
  • Click on influencers to see all related posts by this person.
  • Click on the person's name to communicate with him or her.
  • Export the data into an Excel or PDF file.

 Here is a short video detailing how to create search agents as well: