Social Inbox is a place where you get to see all of your activity and engagement, across all of your channels. This is a place where you can identify events that require your attention (i.e. comments, reviews, likes) and quickly determine the best way of responding to them (i.e. replying, liking, commenting, blocking, etc). 

This is not just a place to check on your incoming messages. Here you can quickly and easily see all events - from likes and comments to reviews and new followers. As you interact with each event you get a custom set of features that will enable you to deal with that particular type of event.


Your feed may have hundreds of events and getting to the information that is of most interest and need is important. There is a number of filtering options that are at your disposal

Filter by type of event

You can simply check or uncheck the types of events that you are interested in


Filter by social account

You can zoom in on events only from certain social profiles


It is also possible to save filters for quick access

You can zoom in on events only from certain social profiles



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