We are happy to announce an awesome new addition to our dashboard - Time Optimization Module. You will now find a "Time" link on your dashboard. Once clicked you will be able study your social presence from the perspective of when it occurs day and time wise.  What if your best time to tweet is at 4pm on Tuesday? Now you can find out.

Begin by opening up a project and clicking on "Optimization" report within a Cross Channel section.




In this report you can see all of activity within your profiles broken down by channel, day of the week and hour of day. 

You can drill down by clicking on a specific day to see what the trend is like on that specific day. Here is an example of Monday breakdown

Clicking on a specific hour will give you further detail of everything that happen during that hour



If you are interest in what the best times are for specific network or specific set of profiles you can utilize the Filter button located right above the charts. Here you will be offered a choice of specific events to include and/or specific channels. Note that you can also save filter for quicker access in the future.



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