You can now start tracking the performance of your Foursquare venues focusing on; 

  • Check-in analytics (time of day, check in user demographics, and user home cities).
  • Tips - Tips or suggestions left by users.
  • Geography - The location of your user check-ins.
  • Users - general user analytics such gender, their foursquare activity, their number of friends, mayorships, followers, and more.
  • Daily email alerts - You can also receive a daily summary of all check-ins, tips and new users across your venues.
  • Export data - Export your Foursquare analytics and general data to excel.
To add the account simply click on Connect Profiles and select Foursquare from the list of account options:

Login to your Foursquare account to authenticate Social Report:

Login_Foursquare to connect SocialReport
Allow Foursquare to SocialReport

Note that you have to have an owned location for it to be able to show in Reports (click here to add a new location on Foursquare):

No Foursquare venues

Once added, you will find your Foursquare analytics under Reports > Channels > Foursquare.

Here are few example reports you will get:

Foursquare summary
 Foursquare checkins