You can now start tracking performance of your Foursquare venues with focus on:

  • Check-in analytics (time of day, check in user demographics, user home cities)
  • Tips - what kind of tips do your users leave at your venues
  • Geography - where in the world do folks that check-in into your venues come from.
  • Users - general user analytics such gender, their foursquare activity such number of friends, mayorships, followers, etc.
  • Daily email alerts - receive a daily summary of all check-ins, tips and new users across your venues.
  • Export data - export your foursquare analytics and general data to excel.
To add the account simply click on "Connect Profiles" and select Foursquare from a list of account options:


One the account is added to your project, you will find your  Foursquare analytics on your Overview dashboard as well as your Foursquare dashboard.

Here are few example reports you will get:


Check-in Timeline across your venues

Foursquare Check-in timeline


Times of day that check-ins are occurring

Foursquare check-in by time of day


Who are the users that are checking in your venues?

Foursquare Check-in users


Foursquare Users


Where do folks that check-in to your venues come from?Where do your foursquare users come from?


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