Understanding and tracking your YouTube subscribers is by far the most important reporting component of your channel on YouTube. While YouTube also has a concept of "friendship" - it is hardly relevant. The subscribers are generally your primary target. These are the folks who have liked your content enough to subscribe to all new videos. This is your direct audience.

YouTube does not exactly make this information easy to get. After quite a bit of research and highly creative coding, our team has been able to put together the YouTube Subscriber Dashboard. This is an addition to quite a bit of tracking that Social Report had already offered through its YouTube dashboard.

Here is what's available:

1. Subscriber growth timeline.
2. Browse through subscriber profiles.
3. Export subscriber profiles (there is actually quite a bit more data available when you export your youtube data using Social Report)
5. Views by Gender and Age
6. Channel Subscribers' Subscriber Distribution

Here is what a sample dashboard looks like: