###With Social Report you can export your social data into a clean looking Microsoft Excel file. Learn more here.###-->

If you are using SocialReport already you know we have some good looking reporting options. It is possible, however, that sometimes you may have a need to present a data in a special way. Instead of trying to build a complex web-based utility that would enable you to do that, we've taken a much simpler route. You can now download your data and build your reports utilizing the tool that does it best - Microsoft Excel!

You can export the following elements:

1. Profiles data - all raw and analyzed data from your social network accounts. 

2. Channels data - all data broken down by social channel (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

3. Publications data - all data related to postings from specific content groups during a specific time frame.

4. Keyword Agents data - all keyword agent search results.

5. Address book data - all of your social contacts. 

Here is how it works:

1. Go to Reports > Export > Excel Report:


2. Export dialog allows you to select what to export. There are 5 choices: Profiles, Channels, Publications, Keyword Agents and Address Book. Select the data you need and click Export.


 3. Once you click Export, go to Request History. Under Status, you will see if the report you generated is ready for download.



4. Once you click Ready, a zip file containing the reports is generated for you. Here is for example what you get for Twitter:

Twitter Files

or for example for YouTube:

Youtube Files

4. Once the data is loaded, the sky is the limit and you may now create a custom report.