If you are using SocialReport already you know we have some good looking reporting options. It is possible, however, that sometimes you may have a need to present a data in a special way. Instead of trying to build a complex web based utility that would enable you to do that, we've take a much simpler route. You can now download your data and build your reports utilizing the tool that does it best - Microsoft Excel!

You can export the following elements:

1. Account data - all raw and analyzed data from your social network accounts. 

2. Channels data - all data broken down by social channel (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

3. Publications data - all data related to postings from specific content groups during a specific time frame.

4. Keyword Agents data - all keyword agent search results.

5. Address book data - all of your social contacts.


Here is how it works:

1. Find "Export Data" link on your toolbar


2. Export dialog allows you to select what to export. There are 5 choices: Accounts data, Channel data, Publications data, Keywords Agents data, or Address Book data.


3. Once you click on "Export" file. A Zip file full of goodies is generated for you. Here is for example what you get for Twitter:


or for example for YouTube:



4. Once the data is loaded, the sky is the limit. 





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