The Best of Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big days for social media. Nearly every retailer has a sale, and each has to find a way to differentiate itself from the competition on social media. This year, we kept an eye out for out for good Black Friday and Cyber Monday social campaigns, narrowing our favorites down to four. These four campaigns include:

  1. REI — #OptOutside
  2. Amazon — Behind The Scenes
  3. Chubbies — Free Stuff All Day
  4. Target — Visual Content

In this article, we’ll give you a our take on what each of these social media campaigns did right. Be sure to take inspiration from these examples and use them to grow your profits during next year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

REI — Don’t Do Black Friday

REI Black Friday 2017

Seems counterintuitive, right? Not for REI. The outdoor supply company is famous for not having a Black Friday sale. In fact, the company closes its stores all day and uses the #OptOutside hashtag on social media. This tag advertises that REI’s employees are paid to embrace the outdoors on Black Friday and invites customers to join in. In the days following, REI posts polls, videos, employee images, and other content related to #OptOutside, driving interaction.

In an interview with Adweek, REI Chief Creative Officer Ben Steele says that the company doesn’t do #OptOutside to increase sales, stating that it’s “more about a healthy brand, a brand that’s got a relationship with customers, that’s got a healthy relationship with its employees, where you see engagement on both fronts”. And after all, a healthy brand drives sales and engagement year round.

Amazon — Behind The Scenes

Amazon Cyber Monday 2017

Amazon has no shortage of Tweets about Cyber Monday deals. However, Amazon took a break from its deal posting madness and posted a mesmerizing behind the scenes video of one of their package sorting machines. This post netted tons of engagement and helped Amazon upkeep their reputation of providing speedy deliveries.

Chubbies — Humor Sells

Chubbies Cyber Monday 2017

Chubbies makes short shorts and other humor-centric accessories for men and women. This year the company held an all day Cyber Monday event where a different product was given away for free every hour. However, the company didn’t post an update for each new product product. Instead, they took the humorous route.

The company posted two videos on Cyber Monday, each captioned with vanity domains. These videos are out of context and say little about the deal, but they’re hilarious in their own right. Humor combined with the vanity domain encourages interaction and drives clicks and builds Chubbie’s quirky brand.

Target — Visual Content Galore

Target Cyber Monday 2017

Video content is the king of social media, and Target isn’t missing out. This year, the retailer used video to advertise their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. The videos are well produced and family friendly, encouraging interaction and inspiring holiday purchases.

And that wraps up our favorite Black Friday and Cyber Monday social media campaigns of 2017! Be sure to keep these examples in mind as you plan the rest of your holiday sales for the season.

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