Facebook Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is one of the biggest sales days of the year. And then, just like that, three days later we get Cyber Monday. It’s a dream for businesses everywhere, so long as you’re able to actually put your products in front of the right people to get them to convert.

The Facebook Ads system is one of the best ways to drive major sales on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, even though the competition is exceptionally high on the platform for both days. If you know the secret hacks to get the most out of Facebook Ads on these ginormous sales days, however, you can make out like a bandit. It’s why Crush Campaigns was able to get a 400% ROI on their Black Friday campaigns in 2015 and how one Shopify store turned $15k in ad spend to more than $130k in profit.

There’s no doubt that there’s a lot to be gained here, so take a close look at our Facebook Ad tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday to maximize your sales and ROI as we move into the holiday season.

1. Run Separate Campaigns for Both Days

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday should have their own unique ads that stress that they’re special offers for each individual day—even if you’re using the exact same images and offers both days. This is essential to creating both urgency and scarcity with your ads, which are necessary to get the sales you want on both days.

Home Depot Ad

In some stores near me, Black Friday lasts until noon. After that, those crazy discounts are off. Other stores, however, have sales that last for the full day. Guess which stores get the first sales and most attention?

Origins Facebook Ad

You don’t want customers to think that they have three days and endless opportunities to purchase from you, because in the chaos of these huge sales days, this can cause you to lose the sale. Instead, make sure that you use “Black Friday special! Limited time!” And “Cyber Monday Only Sale! Shop while supplies last.” 

“You have two chances” just isn’t as motivating as “You have until noon.”

2. Be Willing to Pay More

Facebook Ads (and thus Instagram ads) runs on a bidding system since advertising space isn’t infinite, despite what it may seem to users. This means that the more someone is willing to pay for a placement, the more they’re likely to get it. It also means that high competition can drive costs up, especially since advertisers may be willing to pay more for these big in-demand days.

Big deal sales days during the holidays can drive ad costs up, so be ready for that before you go in. A lot of businesses that I’ve worked for ramp up ad spend between 35-50% in the week leading up to Black Friday, and many increase their bids if they run their campaigns with manual bidding.

3. Run Heavy Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting campaigns will get you the most results and the best ROI, hands down. When you’re in heavy competition on the platform, running campaigns that give you the highest likelihood of conversions is a good way to go, and customers who are already familiar with you are most likely to convert. 

There are several different types of retargeting campaigns you should run on Black Friday by using Facebook’s custom audience tools:

  • Retargeting users who have visited your site within the past thirty days, which allows you to show offers to customers who have recently been interested enough in your site to visit it.

Facebook Retargeting

  • Retargeting a list of exact customers, uploaded by their email addresses and allowing you to create highly-targeted campaigns based on their average purchase value, purchase history, and more.

Facebook Lookalike Audience

  • Retargeting customers who haven’t purchased in a while by uploading a list of their email addresses, using this as an opportunity for re-engagement.
  • Creating a lookalike audience off a high-value custom audience to show your content to individuals most similar to your best customers. 

Facebook Custom Audience

4. Use Carousel Ads to Show the Most Products

People are ready to spend on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s no doubt about that. Their wallets are open and their credit cards are out. Maximizing the number of products they see from you can increase the chance of conversions. Carousel ads are an excellent medium to help you do this.

Wish Facebook Ad

Carousel ads are desktop, mobile, and Instagram approved, so you can use them in the most lucrative placements. Carousel ads also have incredibly high engagement and CTR rates on average, which is great news when you’re looking to sell.

5. Schedule Your Campaigns to End When the Promotion is Over

This is a simple tip, but it’s an important one. Remember to schedule your campaigns instead of setting them to just run, because every year I see at least two ads promoting Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales a day or so after the fact—and by then, the promotions are over, and people in the comments get mad.

Facebook Budget and Schedule

Avoid this. Schedule your ads when you create them to automatically start running early on the morning of the sale, and to shut off before midnight.

6. Have Someone Monitoring Ads Constantly

A lot can happen quickly with Facebook Ads, especially on these two chaotic days. People are buying quickly, and if you don’t get them to convert right away, you may have lost them. Because of this, you want to have someone diligently monitoring your ad campaigns closely.

MVMT Facebook Ad

You want to be ready to respond to all comments, because this is your chance to answer customer questions and potentially overcome objections. I’ve seen so many ads that have a slew of customer questions that clearly indicate that they’re close to buying, but they get no response and therefore unlikely to convert. Don’t let that be you.

7. Apply What You Learned from Black Friday to Cyber Monday

Even if you’ve split tested offers and done a ton of audience research before these two big days (which you should be doing now), there’s no guaranteed way to tell what your customers will respond to. Black Friday might be a surprise. If you pay attention to what happens on Black Friday, though, Cyber Monday doesn’t have to be.

Redbubble Facebook Ad

As soon as your Black Friday promotions are over, take a close look at each campaign. Which got the most engagement? Which drove the most conversions, and which had the best ROI?

Place more ad spend into the similar Cyber Monday offers, and modify or remove the less successful campaigns. This is your chance to take what you learned and finish strong.


Facebook Ads can potentially provide enormous returns on investments, major sales, and incredible profit during the holidays. Remember to leverage urgency, and be ready to invest a lot into the ad campaigns in both ad spend and time managing it. If you follow these 7 Facebook Ad tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we know you’ll see the sales come rolling in before you know it.

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