Twitter 240 Characters

UPDATE: As of November 9, 2017, Social Report now supports this update, allowing Social Report users to schedule and post tweets up to 280 characters long. More impactful tweets, all day, every day.

Twitter recently announced that they are extending its character limit to 280—double the usual length. The explanation behind their reasoning for rolling out the new limit feature is so you can better express yourself. Twitter wants people to easily convey their feelings on the platform without having to edit their Tweet down.

They noticed that a lot of users are trying to cram their thoughts into a single post and sometimes, they are forced to remove a word that bears an important meaning or emotion. Twitter hopes to ease that burden by expanding the character count but only to languages impacted by cramming. This includes every language except for Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

According to the company's research, they found out that the character limit is a major cause of frustration for people tweeting in English as opposed to Asian languages.  Here's a screengrab by Twitter showing the same tweet in different languages.

Twitter in Different Languages

They have cited data that only .4 percent of tweets written in Japanese hit the 140-character limit as compared with 9 percent written in English. Most Japanese Tweets have 15 characters, while English Tweets have 34.

Although Twitter explained the rationale behind their decision as to why they have excluded those languages, they are still open to revisiting the subject of expanded tweets as they learn more about it. The new character limit, however, is only available to a small group right now.

So, while waiting for Twitter's official announcement as to when they will carry the new feature out to everyone, here are 5 creative ways you can use Twitter's new 280-character limit.

1. Posting Tweets in Multiple Languages

If you want your brand to go global and effectively use Twitter for your business, it's crucial to tweet in multiple languages. Posting in languages that your audience can understand and relate to will be an essential part of your future online success. There's a survey conducted by Eurobarometer that shows that 9 out of 10 European internet users prefer browsing sites in their own language.

Many brands have not yet realized the value and importance of going multilingual on the platform yet, while some just do not have the time and resource to send out tweets and interact with their foreign audience. They think it's not worth investing outside of their domestic market. There are many tools to help you set up your Twitter account for success.


One of them is Google Translate. The cost is free and you can easily translate your tweets in different languages. Another option is to download free virtual keyboards or an application that will allow you to tweet in the language you decide to use or focus on. The last one is to use a social media management platform that will allow you to manage all your Twitter accounts efficiently.

2. Include Multiple Links in A Single Tweet

If you want to maximize the overall reach of what you are trying to share with your audience on Twitter, you should find a more effective way of tweeting links and URLs. Savvy social media marketers will incorporate links into their tweets to promote their business. With Twitter’s new character limit, the options are endless. You can now include links to blog entries, web pages and even store listings on play or app store. Here's one good example:

It's best to incorporate a link within your Tweet alongside a photo or image. This will surely grab the attention of your audience. Here are a couple of statistics shared on Postcron that will help you get more engagement on Twitter:

  • URL placements in Tweets are important. You are 26 percent more likely to get retweeted if you put your URL in the middle on your Tweet.
  • Tweets with images are 34 percent more likely to get retweeted than those without. So, remember to always include an image if you want to get more traffic for your site.
  • Tweets that include hashtags are 33% more likely to be retweeted than Tweets without one. Be creative with your hashtags and incorporate them into the text of your post.

3. Make Art or Patterns Using Emojis

You now have more characters to play around and be more creative with your Tweet. Google France recently posted a self-promotional tweet on their official account on Twitter and even included #280characters hashtag.

You can even create your own pattern based on your brand and values you want to relay to your audience. When Mizuno Volleyball found out they were one of the lucky ones who were granted 280 characters, they took the opportunity to make a simple emoji pattern.

4. Broadcast Two Stories in One Tweet

Change the way you deliver news and updates to your followers by giving them the full report. Since you will no longer be limited to the 140-character limit, your audience will not have to look up threaded tweets for updates anymore. They can simply look at your tweet broken into sections so you can easily deliver information like this:

To find trending topics and stories to share on Twitter, use a social media monitoring tool to keep an eye on conversations surrounding a particular keyword. You can set up a set of keywords you want to monitor and you have complete control on how searches are to be conducted and how matches are determined.

5. Use Twitter Line Breaks

With the new 280-character limit, you'll be able to give Tweets a lot more context by coming up with lists or sharing detailed instructions with the help of Twitter line breaks. The feature was added back in March 2013 giving users the option to expand their thoughts across several lines or even down to individual letters. By adding line breaks to your posts, it will make your tweet more readable and stand out than the rest. Here's an example: 

We hope that these tips have inspired you to be a little more creative with your Tweets on Twitter. There are so many things you can do with the new character limit especially with your social media campaigns on the platform.