You can now connect & schedule posts to your Google My Business listing right from your Social Report dashboard! In this article, we'll teach you how to connect your Google My Business listing and how to post to that listing through Social Report.


To Connect your Google My Business Page:

1. Head to Connect Profiles than select Google+


2. Log in with your associated Google+ account, and allow Social Report access to it


3. Select the Google+ Page associated with your Business Listing from the list given: 


4. The last step to connecting is to select your Business Listing from the drop-down options.


That's it! Your Google My Business listing should be connected to your project. You can see it by heading to Settings > Profiles


To Post to your Google My Business listing:

1. Head to the compose window and create your message.


2. Scroll down to the Target Profiles. You should now see your Google My Business listing as a profile to choose from when posting content.


The resulting post will show up on your Google Maps business listing & your Google Search business listing:


We've also put together a video to help you with connecting & posting your Google My Business listing:

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