Bulk scheduling allows creation of a lot of content at once. This content can come from a spreadsheet that you have designed in Excel or Google Sheets, you can upload content from one or more RSS feeds, you can even upload content directly from any social profile!

Go to Publishing > Bulk Scheduler:

Bulk Scheduler

There are four ways to schedule in bulk:

1. Upload CSV file

You may schedule several posts using a CSV template that can be downloaded here.

 Upload CSV file

2. Upload Google Sheet

Check out this article to learn more about scheduling using Google Sheets.

Bulk Upload Google Drive
Upload Google Sheet

3. News and Blogs (RSS)

You can connect up to 10 RSS feeds by either searching for keywords or directly entering the URL in the field:

News and Blogs (RSS)

4. Upload Social Profile

Aside from RSS feeds, you may also syndicate content from other social profiles:

Upload Social Profile


We've put together a quick video walking you through the bulk scheduling options:

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