If you're trying to add or manage additional administrators in your Social Report account, we'll show you how.

First, let's look at the differences between an Admin and a User:

An Administrator has access to account level features, such as managing billing and white label options. They also have access to project level features, such as adding profiles, publishing content, etc.

A User, however, does not have access to billing or account level functions like white labeling options. A user's access is restricted based on the access given to them. For example, if you set-up a client as a user, for example, you may want to restrict his access to only approve publications, or view search agent reports. 

Note: The option to add more administrators is only available for Advanced and Pro subscribers.

Adding Administrator Account

To add an Admin to your account, follow these steps:

1. Login to your account and head to My Account My account

2. Click on Administrators on the left side-bar.

Select Administrators

3. Click Add Administrator 

Add Administrator

4. Here you'll put in their email address and continue

Add Email Address  

5. Add their Personal information such as name and password, and select which permissions you want to give this admin.

Edit info and permissions

Permissions for administrators range from the usual project management, but also go higher on an account level such as management of Billing, White label, Affiliate program, and API.

Editing or Deleting Administrator Account 

If you want to edit permissions of an existing administrator or simply delete their account, follow steps 1-3 then:

4. Click on the administrator's name who's permissions you'd like to change or you'd like to remove fro your account

Edit user permissions

5. Make the changes you want to the user's permission or personal info, than click Save. If you want to delete the user, click Delete.

Change or delete users

For help with managing users and teams click here.

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