In order to find out which personal profile was used to connect a social account, such as Facebook, Linkedin, or Google+ you'll need to follow these steps:

1. From your project dashboard, click Settings > Profiles

Settings Profiles

2. Select the Social Profile you want to check and click Account Profile.

View Account Profile

From here you'll be able to see which personal account was used to connect the account to your project. In this case: Connected Vitaly Veksler

Connected by

What does this tell me?

Some examples of social networks that will have information in this area:

  • If you connected a Facebook page, you will see which personal profile was used to connect it.
  • If you connect Google+ with Google My Business, you will see which personal G+ profile was used to connect it and which Google My Business listing is connected to it.

Why do I need to know who connected the profile?

  • In order for Social Report to post on your behalf to some social pages or groups, the profile needs to have certain permissions. If you connect a profile using a personal account lacks access, you won't be able to perform some actions with Social Report.
  • If you notice an account having Access Problems, you can check to see which user connected the profile in order to make sure they still have permission. For example, a former employee is no longer a Facebook business manager, so they no longer have access to your brand's ads.

In a situation where the personal profile that was used to connect a page, group, or Google My Business page no longer has access to it, you can simply reconnect it using a personal profile that does have access.

If you'd like to reconnect using a different personal profile, it's as simple as using the Connect Profile menu on top of the dashboard and logging in with a different personal account. Just be sure that the personal account has administrative privileges for the business page that you're trying to connect. 

We've also created a short video to help you: