With Social Report you can generate a report for the Ad Campaigns and entire Ad Accounts that you run on Facebook. To understand the report better, below is an explanation on each metric so you can customize the report depending on your needs.


Connecting Ad Accounts and Ad Campaigns

With Social Report you can connect entire ad accounts to your projects or specific campaigns. If you connect an ad account you will have the benefit of reporting on new campaigns being totally automated. If you connect specific campaigns - you get the flexibility of being able to report only on campaigns that are related to this specific projects. This is particularly helpful if one ad account is shared across multiple businesses.

To connect click on "Connect" button


Once you do you will be able to connect either entire ad accounts or specific campaigns. If you ever need to remove accounts or campaigns, please use the "Remove" button.


IMPORTANT: Please note that once you connect ad accounts or ad campaigns - it make take 24-48 to produce initial report.


Facebook Ad Performance Summary

In this section you get to see important key metrics of your campaigns performance: how much have you spent, how many times the ads were seen and how many actions were taken by users



Total Spend - The estimated total amount of money you've spent on your campaign, ad set or ad during its schedule.

Impressions - The number of times your ads were viewed. 

Actions - The total number of actions people took that are attributed to your ads. Actions may include engagement, clicks or conversions. 


Impressions and Actions 

In this chart you will see your daily performance - how many times the ads are being seen and how many actions are you getting



Ad Campaign Demographics

In this chart you will see how well your ad is performing with each age group


Campaign Summary

Should be interested in how each campaign performed - the below chart will provide that level of detail.