Aside from Facebook profiles, pages and groups, you can also get some reporting and post on Facebook events. This is especially useful if you are hosting an event and you want to publish content for your attendees as well as generate a report on the past events and see how well it performed.

How to see Facebook events

To view Facebook events, go to Channel > Facebook > Events and you will see all the events created for the Facebook accounts (profile, page or group) connected to the project.

Event Calendar

NOTE: You may also view events from Facebook pages you are not an admin of for reporting purposes. Click here to learn how to add competitor profiles.

What you can see for each event

When you hover on each event, you will be able to view the details of the event:

- Event Name
- Date, Time and Location
- Event Description
- Attending
- Interested

Hover on Facebook Events

Clicking on the event will provide you the actual list of attendees, those who are interested, and event updates:

Clicking on Facebook Events

How to post event updates

To post an update on Facebook events, click Compose Now like you normally would when publishing content. Learn the other ways to schedule a post here.

Compose your message and then select Facebook as your Target Profile.

Once you click Facebook, if you have events created on that profile it will automatically show you the list of events where you can post to:

 Publishing on Facebook Events

Select the event and click Publish Now or publish it at a later time (Advanced Options).


If you do not see the event in your Event calendar even if it's already created on Facebook, just hit the Refresh button on the upper right part of the calendar:

Refresh button


We've put a video together to help you through this process: