With Social Report you have the ability to build a custom report template and be as detailed or as high-level as you want. You can choose specific sections, including your own cover pages and logo. Once you design the report you can save it and run in on a regular automated basis.

Click here to learn how to create custom report templates.

Once you have created one and you need to manage the template, go to Reports > Export >  PDF Report, choose the template you want to copy, delete or modify:

Open custom template

Once you have opened the template, you can now make the changes: 

Update custom report template

1. Copy to other projects - you can copy the template and apply to other projects in the account so you won't have to recreate it (imagine having to create the same template for 10 other projects!)

2. Delete template - if you want to completely delete the template

3. Update template and use - make modifications in the template (add or remove channel or widgets) and the click to apply the changes

Renaming a template

If you want to rename a template, just click the Update Template And Use (whether you made some changes or not) and the option to rename it will pop-up:

Rename custom template

Rename the template as you wish and click OK to save the changes.