Google+ pages may have associated My Business or Google Places profiles. Connecting your pages to My Business or Google Places allows us to pull your business reviews.
If your Google+ page have an associated My Business or Google Places profile, you can connect it as well with Social Report so you can track business reviews.
For Google+ pages that you own we track reviews using Google My Business; whereas for pages you don’t own (i.e. competitor) we use Google Place which offers a more limited reporting since it only provides the most relevant reviews.

If you're connecting your own business listing (Google My Business)

1. Click Connect Profiles > Google+.
2. Login to your Google account until you see the option to select the profile or page that you want to connect:
Google My Business in Social Report

3. Click Continue

4. Select your business listing from the dropdown:

Google My Business in Social Report 2

5. Click Select to save the listing. 

If you're connecting a profile you're not an admin of (Google Place)

1. Enter the Google+ profile ID in the field and click Add.

Google Place 1

2. Click Continue.

3. Click Find Place to search for the Google Place.

Google Place 2

4. Choose the address from the list and click Select.

Google Place 3

5. The Google Place will now show right next to the competitor page:

Google Place 4

6. Click Select to save the listing and start monitoring your competitor's business reviews.


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an existing user who have Google Places already connected for your own business, all you need to do is to reconnect your Google+ profile and the associated My Business Listing should appear right next to the page.