We don't generally recommend turning off link shortener due to the following functionalities that come along with it:

1. Link frames - adds a call to action to every link you share.
2. Performance tracking - lets you know how many social interactions actually lead to sales on your website (clicks and conversions).
3. Link preview modification for Facebook - allows you to customize link previews and change the image, title or description of a post.

But in the rare circumstance that disabling link shortening is required, you may do so by following the steps below.

1. Content group level

a. When scheduling a post: The option to disable link shortening will show after composing your message (Step 4 of 5).


b. From content groups: Go to Publishing > Select the Content Group > Click the Settings icon under Target Profiles


Select the target profiles and click continue, you will now see the option to disable link shortening:


2. Project level

To completely to turn it off for the entire project, go to Settings > Project > Modify Project Settings > Link Shortener: Disable Shortening


Note that you may not enable link shortener at content group level once you have disabled it at project level.

Click here for a detailed how-to-guide on link shortening.