If you want to turn off Evergreen posting, you may do so using the following steps below:

1. Project Level

To turn off evergreen posting for individual posts so they are no longer recycled, go to Publishing > Evergreen Content > tick the box right next to the post you want to remove and click Unevergreen.

If you want to disable Evergreen completely for your project without eliminating any posts you have marked as evergreen in the event you may want to turn evergreen posting back on in the future, just click Suspend Evergreen Scheduling.

Suspend evergreen scheduling


2. Content Group Level

If you marked an entire content group as evergreen (so all content automatically posted in that content group is recycled), you may disable it by going to Publishing > All Content Groups > Select the Content Group > Click on the "Make Evergreen" button to turn it off.

Suspend evergreen content group