What's So Great About GIFs And How Do We Get Them?

Animated images or GIFS have been around since the dawn of the internet however, you still may be overwhelmed with all of the information out there on creating the perfect GIF. Quality GIFs are often small clips that show some sort of action. GIFs and social media blogs go hand-in-hand. Who else wouldn’t want to benefit from these often hilarious, interesting clips of fun? Sure photos are great, but GIFs bring something different to the table. They simply tell the story better. 

Here at Social Report, we’ve found a clever way to integrate GIFs into your posts! If you want to add a healthy twist to your posts to keep users engaged, to do so, we offer a library of over 1,000,000+ high-quality images and animated GIFs you can use in your social media marketing for free directly from within the platform. Click here to find out more: Using Free High Quality Images and Animated GIFs

If you're more on the creative side, or simply want to personalize your GIFs for your selected target audience, creating your own GIFs have never been easier!

Let's take a look at different ways to create GIFs and some of our favorite user-friendly platforms!

The GEMs Of The GIFs

Giphy GIF Maker

Do you want to create a super quick and easy GIF from a video? If so, Giphy GIF Maker is a breeze! You simply enter a video URL (even from YouTube or Vine), drag and drop a video file, or upload a video file, and then you'll be able to easily use their interface to create and share your GIF in no time! You have the ability to select a specific point during a video from where you would like your GIF to begin, the duration, and the option to also add a caption. When completed, click ‘Create GIF’ and it gets added to the Giphy library, at which point you can choose to share it across any of your social media channels. 

Create GIFs Using Giphy


Another great option is gifs.com. gifs.com enables you to create a GIF in seconds - whether it be from a URL (YouTube, Vine, or Instagram, for example, or even a GIF on gifs.com) or from a GIF you upload from your computer, add effects, such as captions, stickers, or padding, crop the GIF or turn it black and white, and then create and share it with ease. A bonus feature with gifs.com is that you can even remove watermarks from existing videos! 

Create GIFs Using gifs.com


Gifmaker is a free animation maker requiring no registration that enables you to take images and combine them into creative GIFs. Available features include the ability to change the canvas size, choose the animation speed, how many times the GIF will repeat, add music, and even apply filters to your images before turning them into a GIF! Gifmaker works on Windows, Mac, and Linux - all you need is a browser with Flash installed.

Create GIFs Using Gifmaker


Imgflip and Gifmaker are very similar as they both enable you to combine multiple images into GIFs and transform videos into GIFs. Imgflip also has editing tools available, such as adding text, changing the wait time, rotating and cropping the GIF, and having full control over the image size. With Imgflip, unlike Gifmaker, if you would like your final product to not have a watermark, you will need to be a Pro member, unfortunately. The Pro membership also enables you to produce GIFs that are higher quality (more frames, higher resolution, increased file size, etc).

Create GIFs Using Imgflip

Create Your GIFs Directly From Your Screen!


Let's try something different. Suppose you want to create a GIF directly by recording your screen? Recordit does just that! This snappy tool lets you instantly grab a screengrab and create your own GIF in seconds! Recordit is a non-bulky software that you install on your computer that is available for Windows and Mac.

Recordit is a great way to create GIFs without any ads. It even has an inbuilt powerful editor with many options. You can edit your recording directly from within the platform. For those of you who are not into the humor of GIFs, they still can be useful! For example, if you want to demonstrate an action on your PC, but do not want to record a lengthy video, you can simply create a sharable small GIF file! Instead of uploading and editing a bulky video, you can transform a few short videos into easy to follow instructions. Recordit also lays on your desktop as a small icon that you can store in a corner and pop up when ready to use!

Create GIFs Using Recordit

Especially when featuring your own product, creating GIFs directly from your computer screen can be very convenient. Sometimes it is just easier to explain things to your audience in video form, versus screenshots or text based directions. which is where having this feature available comes in handy.


Similar to Recordit, CloudApp is very easy to use and is feature rich - you can capture screen recordings, GIFs, images, and screenshots, edit and annotate, and upload and share your captured media into Zendesk, Slack, and many other available third-party integrations.

The length of the GIF you can capture varies with CloudApp - with the free plan, it's 15 seconds, and with the paid plans, it's 1 minute. You even get a link to share your GIF after you've captured it!

Create GIFs Using CloudApp


Similar to the Instagram Boomerang option, Makeagif lets you create GIFs from your webcam! With the click of a button, you can create a recording by simply turning on your webcam. This is a fun way to personalise your GIFs.

Create GIFs Using Makeagif

Using Photoshop To Create Your GIFs

Videos, not your thing? By combining a bunch of images or frames you can easily turn them into your desired GIF files! Did you know that you can create them in Photoshop relatively easily? Aside from being our favorite beauty tweaker for perfecting photos, you can also combine your favorite images to create the perfect GIF. Check out this simple Photoshop Tutorial on How To Create an Animated GIF.

Using Photoshop To Create GIFs

Know Where To Look

If you aren't the crafty type or simply don't have time to create your own GIFs, there are tons of interesting websites with thousands of GIFs to choose from. 


Dipping into the pre-made options? Perhaps the world's leading search agent Google can help. To do a Google search with only GIFs included in the results, perform an image search and then click "Tools" followed by "Type>Animated" (the actual results won't be animated, but they will be once you click on them). The possibilities are endless as the search is vast and plenty. 

Perform GIF Search On Google

Tumblr, The King Of GIFs

The popular microblogging social network side, Tumblr the mecca of teens, is by far the most popular GIF sharing website. If you want to "keep up with the Joneses" of the GIF world, a trip to Tumblr is crucial. There is a neat search engine that can guide you through to your desired material https://www.tumblr.com/explore/gifs.

Tumblr GIFs 

Whether for business or pleasure, GIFs can make the difference of the overall tone of your posts. The internet can't get enough of our love affair with GIFs and the tools are readily available for your crafting pleasure!

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