Posting to Twitter via Social Report is super easy! After you've connected at least one Twitter profile to your project, click Compose to bring up this window:



Note that there is a separate Customize for Twitter (optional) tab. If you are posting to multiple social media networks at once, please do take advantage of that tab so you can construct a separate message of 140 characters or less to ensure no part of your post gets cut off.

Customize for Twitter

Why is my post turning into a Twitter Card with small or large image?

Social Report uses the twitter card indicated in your website. To know if your website's twitter card uses a small or large image before posting, you may use Twitter's card validator

Twitter's Card Validator

What it looks like when posted via Social Report:

Posted via Social Repor



In the example above, the link that was shared has a tag in it for the Twitter Summary Large Image Card. This can also happen for the standard Twitter Summary Card. If that tag is in the code for the link you're sharing, we defer to Twitter and publish the Twitter Card associated with that link.

Why is the image I uploaded not being posted to Twitter?

While this will not happen all of the time, if you are posting a link to Twitter and uploading your own image to go with the link, there is a possibility your image will not be posted and an image associated with the link will. Here is a prime example:

Twitter's card validator

Using the "Change Image" button, the image was then swapped out for another image:

Twitter Uploading Guide

The post was then scheduled. However, after being published to Twitter, the image of the bird did not carry through, and instead the default image associated with the link being shared was included:

Twitter Uploading Guide

Why did that happen? Because the link that was shared, just like in the above example, has a tag in it for Twitter Cards, and associated with that tag is the image that must be included with the Twitter Card. In instances where a blog post, article, etc. has a tag for a Twitter Card in the code, Social Report lets Twitter take over and publish the associated Twitter Card, including the default image. If you are technically inclined and want to check if the link you are sharing has a tag for a Twitter Card, simply right click on the content, then View Page Source, and search within the code for Twitter Card.

Luckily, there is a work around that enables you to share the link and include your own image. However, if you go this route, the image itself will not be clickable, and the link you are sharing will go in the body of the post. Here is how you do that:

Twitter Uploading Guide

Go ahead and publish your post and this is the end result:

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