Ever wonder why sometimes when you post to Facebook your image ends up on the left hand side of your link in a thumbnail format, and why sometimes you end up with a larger image below your post? Check out this video for an explanation:

A common problem many face when posting to Facebook is images being cut off, both portrait and landscape oriented. If you're posting a portrait oriented image, Facebook by default pushes the images to the left hand side of your link, effectively cutting off a huge chunk of the image. And if you're posting a landscape oriented image with a lot of text on the top or bottom with a link, Facebook often crops the image and cuts off vital information. Luckily there is an easy workaround. Check out this video to see how:

If you're having a hard time with Facebook removing links from your posts, check out this article for an easy fix - www.socialreport.com/help-center/article/115000696606-How-to-force-Facebook-to-keep-links-in-the-body-of-your-post