Yes, the automations feature Social Report offers makes it very easy to auto follow people! To begin, click on the "Automations" tab then "New Automation"  From here, click on Twitter >Twitter Follow New Follower:

Twitter Automation Setup

Click "Continue" to see the following screen; 

Automation Setup

Social Report gives you the option of choosing the type of user you follow. For example, if you only want to follow Twitter users who are active, you can keep the default settings as shown above, or increase it to where they have to tweet X times per week or have an X number of followers.

If there are certain words Twitter users may have in their username you don't want to be associated with on your page, you can also filter those out and those users will not be followed.

Once you have your settings in place, click Continue and you'll then be asked to check off the Twitter profile(s) this automation applies to and save!


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