Publication workflow, or providing certain team members with the ability to approve posts drafted by others team members, has been one of the more requested features from our users for some time.

This ability to moderate content that is drafted by your team members is crucial to productivity, as well as serving as a security feature that enables project owners to effectively manage and review content for the social channels without running a risk of rogue or incorrect posts being published.

There are two ways to set up publication approval in Social Report:

1. Via Composer Window

Users can toggle the on/off option in the composer window so you can force individual posts to go through approval:

 Via Composer Window

2. Via User Permissions

To review your current users and manage/change their permissions, or create a new user with content approval permissions, click on Settings, then Users:

Then either click on any existing user, or add a new user, and click Allow Access in the top right corner of their Permissions box.

Project User

When the Publish box is checked off, the drop down has two options: Does not require approval and Requires approval.

If this user is set to Require approval and another user has the Approve Publications box checked off, that user then has the ability to approve all content published by that user before it goes out to your social networks. The user with the ability to approve all content published by the other users will be sent a notification when there is new content awaiting approval.

There Are Three Types of New Publication Notifications

1. Publication Review - this email is sent to publication author and publication reviewer informing them of pending publication review.
2. Publication Approved - this email is sent to publication owner informing of publication approval.
3. Publication Rejected - this email is sent to publication owner informing of publication rejection, reasons and the next step

Once you have the publication approval setup, all publications for review can be viewed under Publishing > Publication Review:

Publication Review

The list of posts that are pending approval will be listed in which you can edit, approve, reject or delete:

Approve or Reject posts

That's pretty much it! In addition, here is a short video showing how to set up the aforementioned permissions and review pending scheduled posts:

NOTE: If you're the main user for your account, your content is never subject to approval. In order for content to be approved, you need 2 project users in the format of, for example, "John Content Dude" and "Anna Approver."

Need to approve content across different projects? Check out Global Publication Review.

Have any questions or need a hand getting users set up for content approval?? Just submit a request.