Note: This process is legacy -- consider switching to Instagram for Business and use direct scheduling.

Compose posts in your Social Report dashboard to share to Instagram. Sharing to your personal Instagram differs slightly from posting to your other social networks, because posts need to be published via the Social Report and Instagram apps on a mobile device, or you can now publish via notifications sent via email or SMS, thus bypassing the Social Report app, as well. When you send or schedule to your Instagram profile from Social Report, a notification is sent to your mobile app from which you can easily publish the post via Instagram. Make sure you have the Instagram app and the latest version of the Social Report installed on your mobile device.

Posts that contain an image can be sent or scheduled to Instagram and other social networks at the same time.

There are 3 ways to publish to Instagram on your mobile device:

1. Via the Social Report App - we have a Social Report app (iOS and Android) that you can install to your smartphone and Social Report will send notifications from the app when it's time to post.

2. Via SMS - you can send the notification via SMS which includes a link to download the media.

3. Via Email - you may also send it to your email which includes the media as an attachment that you can download and post to Instagram.

Selecting the medium to be used:

In the composer window, select the Instagram Profile you want to schedule a post to and a list of options would show up for you to select:


Via the Social Report app:

  • Open your Social Report app on your iPhone and Android. If you don't have it - you can find it in the Apple Store or Google Play
  • Login (if you are already logged in - please log out first)
  • Now you can go back to Social Report and check under My Account - you should see your device/s connected:
Attached Devices
  • You can now begin scheduling to your Instagram profile. When you do - you will be offered to select any of the devices available in this project.

Via Email:

When you go to publish the post, email addresses belonging to all users will now appear along with any devices connected to your project. Simply select the appropriate email address, a notification will be sent, and the user can download the image in that email to publish directly to Instagram on their mobile device. 


Via SMS:

Each user can add their mobile phone for notification purposes. Click here on how to add and verify a mobile number.


Once the post is ready for publishing, you will receive an SMS notification similar to this:

SMS notification

*If you publish to Instagram via email or SMS notification, you can now publish multiple images and videos. Please note this is not possible when using the app.

We've put together this short video that reviews publishing via the Social Report app:

And this short video that reviews publishing via email and SMS:

Please note the reason you can't publish directly to Instagram from your Social Report dashboard like you can other social networks is due to the fact that Instagram does not have a desktop application. You can only access their website on a mobile device, and thus all posts need to be physically posted on your mobile device after being scheduled within Social Report.

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