Whether you have just created a new new Facebook Page for your brand or you just want to keep your existing one busy and make the most out of it, being active on Facebook as part of your social media strategy is definitely a smart move -- after all, Facebook is home to over 2 billion monthly active users. It provides an excellent opportunity to reach your target audience with a personal approach.

In this article we will review several scheduling options that are available with your Social Report account.

Posting to Facebook Pages

Social Report offers several options when it comes to posting on Facebook.

Article Post

Features a text and a link preview with a large image. User clicks on the link preview to be taken to the shared article.

Article Post

Image Post

When a user clicks on the image instead of taking user to the link, an enlarged image will open up directly on Facebook.


Multiple Image Post

When posting multiple images on Facebook, you have the option to do a multi-image post or a carousel.


a) Multi-image post


b) Carousel post


GIF post

You can either upload your own GIF or select from our free GIF library from GIPHY.


Video post

You may also upload videos (10mb limit per file) or connect an external media storage to access your videos directly w/o having to upload them.


Posting to Facebook Groups

When posting to Facebook Groups, the profile who connected the Facebook Group will appear as the publisher of the post:

Article post:


Image post:


GIF post:


Video post:


Adding Check-ins and Mentions

1. Check-ins - add a location to your posts by searching for the location in Facebook check-in field.

Facebook check-in width=
Facebook Location

2. Mentions - you can mention a Facebook page by typing the "@" symbol and searching for the name of the page you want to tag:

facebook mentions
Mentions Facebook

Learn more about using auto-complete in mentions here


Ever wonder why sometimes when you post to Facebook your image ends up on the left hand side of your link in a thumbnail format, and why sometimes you end up with a larger image below your post? Check out this video for an explanation: 

A common problem many face when posting to Facebook is images being cut off, both portrait and landscape oriented. If you're posting a portrait oriented image, Facebook by default pushes the images to the left hand side of your link, effectively cutting off a huge chunk of the image. And if you're posting a landscape oriented image with a lot of text on the top or bottom with a link, Facebook often crops the image and cuts off vital information. Luckily there is an easy workaround.

Check out this video for an overview of posting to Facebook with Social Report:

If you're having a hard time with Facebook removing links from your posts, check out this article for an easy fix. 

To learn more about scheduling automated social media scheduling with Social Report