Where Google Analytics ends, Social Report is just beginning...

How does Social Report work?

Social Report is a social network application. Once you authorize (install) Social Report to access your social or web property we are able to track and capture your information on a regular basis, subject it to rigorous analysis and offer you reports, visual analytics and management tools such as campaign management, keyword tracking, goal and objective management.

Data is presented on intuitve dashboard and are available for download as PDF or Excel.

Simple, one-time set up

Register with Social Report and add your social network accounts to the dashboard one by one. It takes couple of minutes – and that's all the data entry you need to do. We take it from there.

Visualization and tools

Similar to your favorite website analytics tool we offer a highly visual and interactive dashboard that offers deep insights into your social accounts.

No password disclosure required

We will never ask you for you social account password. The setup works via network approved setup process. In short - once you request account setup, we would redirect you to your social network (i.e. Twitter or Facebook), where you would grant us read-only access to your account.

We can't modify your account

Unless you are using our campaign management features, we only have a read-only access to your account and under no circumstances can alter any information about your account.

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