Where Google Analytics ends, Social Report is just beginning...

Company Profile

Located in New York City we are a team of innovative marketers, craftsmen coders, and designers with primary focus on social media technology. The team has a rich background of building extremely high scalable and fault tolerant systems with specialization in real-time reporting, computational linguistics statistics, derivatives, electronic trading and algorithms.

Social Report is led by an experienced team including industry veterans drawn from the ranks of Barclays Capital, IBM, and Sun Microsystems.

Why did we build Social Report?

Simple. With over a billion social network users, many businesses are now using social media tools to market their products. Today, not a single tool exists that provides them with an efficient and affordable tracking of membership, engagement, demographics and global campaign reception. Social Report offers simple, easy to use in depth social data analysis and marketing campaign set up. Our target is not just businesses and large corporations. Our tools and features were designed with average user in mind, looking to enhance their everyday business opportunities or to monitor their children's activities.

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